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Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is Col. I live in Perth and I have a passion for construction. I am pretty useless when it comes to construction work so I tend to leave it to the experts. However, I find that there is nothing more pleasing than seeing a team of construction workers complete a job. Over the years, I have hired many different types of construction worker and they have all taken the time to chat with me. During these conversations, I have learnt so pretty interesting things which I will be exploring on this blog. Enjoy!

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Two Ways To Use Concrete In Your New Kitchen

Ethan Burton

Concrete is becoming increasingly popular in new kitchens; being so malleable, it can be moulded into any shape, fitting in with virtually any space. Two kitchen elements that are prime targets for a concrete makeover are countertops and floors.

Concrete Benchtops

The advantage of a concrete countertop is that you can customise it every step of the way. The concrete is either poured offsite into a precast mould or poured onsite at its final destination. Concrete offers a vast range of design choices: it can be custom coloured with pigments  that are interspersed throughout the concrete mix, or it can be stained with acids and dyes to match any kitchen colour scheme. Beautiful textures can be created by adding crushed quartz, shells or tinted glass to the mix; alternatively, it can be combined to mimic the streaks and mottling of natural stones. Edge moulds are available to shape the sides. Honing and polishing reveals a matte or mirror-like finish, depending on your choice.

While concrete benchtops are durable, they do need some care and attention. They need regular resealing to minimise stains and scratches, since concrete is porous. Even when the concrete is sealed, you will need to take care to wipe up spills as soon as possible, especially acidic liquids such as red wine and juice. Washing with a mild cleanser or one recommended by your building contractors will keep the countertop at its best.

Concrete Flooring

Concrete, being extremely tough, is perfect for hub-of-the-home kitchen floors that carry daily traffic. Concrete flooring is open to the same range of design possibilities as countertops; it can be coloured, textured, and also polished for a more or less shiny finish. Because concrete can be customised to mimic ceramic tiles, slate, timber or other natural materials, concrete can fit in with many different kitchen styles. Stained with rich brown earth tones, it fits in with homey, warm farmhouse kitchens; minimalist grey, unadorned concrete will complement rustic or industrial designs. Similarly to countertops, concrete flooring needs regular resealing and immediate wiping-up of spills.

Concrete is a handy material that can be shaped, coloured and textured a variety of ways, making it ideal for different uses. Concrete benchtops can be styled to fit in with any kitchen, and durable concrete flooring is perfect for high-traffic area kitchens. A custom home builder can provide more options on how to customise concrete for your new home.