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Mistakes That HVAC Contractors Should Avoid When Repairing or Replacing Cooling Towers

Ethan Burton

A happy client means good business and a healthy bottom line for an HVAC contractor. Therefore, offering unrivalled HVAC-related services to your customers is a vital ingredient to success in this sector. It is especially the case for industrial facilities that rely on cooling towers as a means to dissipate industrial process heat. Cooling towers are an expensive installation, and great care must be taken when handling the equipment. It is for this reason that industrial facilities hire the services of HVAC contractors to maintain and service the cooling towers. Therefore, one way that you can beat the competition is by avoiding certain mistakes when maintaining and repairing cooling towers. Read on to find out more.

Replacing Like-for-Like Parts

With excellent maintenance, quality cooling towers can for last many years while running optimally. However, there comes a time when repairing an old cooling tower can be quite costly, and the only option for an industrial facility is to replace the tower. For various reasons, some contractors often go along with a client's preference for a replica replacement. For instance, because a firm is familiar with a specific type of cooling tower system, the chances are that the company will prefer a similar model for a replacement. However, contractors are expected to find cooling tower problems by staying updated with equipment upgrades. Therefore, let your customers know about the alternatives at their disposal. Replacing cooling towers with upgraded versions improves the efficiency and productivity of industrial facilities, which means lower operational costs.

Failure to Account for Secondary Waste Treatment

Inspecting a cooling tower's feed water is an essential part of maintenance and repair because it helps to eliminate contaminants, treat the waste and discharge it accordingly. Unfortunately, some contractors fail to account for secondary waste treatment when replacing an old cooling tower with a new one. It often leads to incompatibility issues if the new cooling tower cannot handle the amount of solid waste -- scale, scum and slime -- that is produced, thereby rendering the system inadequate. Therefore, ensure that you consider secondary wastewater treatment needs before installing a new cooling tower for your client.

Failure to Monitor the Blowdown

With water becoming a scarce resource, industrial facilities are looking for ways to reduce water usage. However, if the cooling tower system is not efficient, then the strategies you apply will be ineffective. One way that contractors ensure the efficiency of a tower is by close monitoring of the cooling tower's blowdown. By checking the blowdown, you can identify and correct inefficiencies points of a cooling tower system and make corrective configurations.

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