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Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is Col. I live in Perth and I have a passion for construction. I am pretty useless when it comes to construction work so I tend to leave it to the experts. However, I find that there is nothing more pleasing than seeing a team of construction workers complete a job. Over the years, I have hired many different types of construction worker and they have all taken the time to chat with me. During these conversations, I have learnt so pretty interesting things which I will be exploring on this blog. Enjoy!

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Learn about a Couple of Demolition Techniques Available For Your Project

Ethan Burton

Although demolition is a common practice in construction projects, a good number of people have misassumptions about the process. One of the prevailing misconceptions regarding demolition processes is that they involve either explosives or a wrecking ball to raze the building. These techniques, granted, are employed, but they are not the main measures that can be taken if you need demolition carried out. In fact, the techniques that the demolition contractors will utilise are directly influenced by the reason why you want the building either partially or fully demolished. Read on to learn about a couple of alternative demolition techniques that are available for your project.

Selective demolition

As the name implies, this type of demolition process is done by removing elements from the structure selectively rather than bringing down the entire building. Selective demolition is a great alternative to explosives or a wrecking ball in several ways. First, selective demolition will be a perfect option if your structure is in close proximity to other buildings that could end up becoming compromised during the demolition process.

Second, selective demolition is viable if you want to take out parts of the structure without disrupting other elements of the building. Lastly, selective demolition will be a good choice if you want to repurpose, recycle or reuse the supplies that are being extracted from the house. The main drawback of selective demolition is that it is much slower than other techniques.

High-reach demolition

Another technique used in demolition that will not cause undue damage to surrounding structures is the high-reach alternative. This method employs a piece of equipment known as a high-reach arm which comprises a lift mechanism or a hydraulic boom that is secured onto a mobile base. Also known as deconstruction demolition, this technique offers a few benefits that make it superior to traditional wrecking balls.

To begin with, the equipment can be employed with a host of attachments including grapples, crushers and so on. Thus, the demolition process is highly efficient since different tasks can be completed with the same equipment. Moreover, the operators will be located a safe distance away from the demolition site itself, which substantially decreases the risk of injury due to falling debris. If you are intent on salvaging some materials from the structure, this technique will be a great option since parts of the house can be torn down meticulously while keeping other areas intact. Thus, high-reach demolition is not only precise, but it is eco-friendly too!

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