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4 Signs Your Split Air Conditioning Unit Requires A Professional Service

Ethan Burton

Regular servicing of your split air conditioning unit will keep the system running efficiently throughout the hot summer months. However, if it's been a while since the last service, you should look out for signs of trouble. Below are four signs your unit requires immediate service to prevent further inefficiencies.

Low airflow in the home

Are you experiencing low airflow in your home? Split air conditioners don't bring in air from outside. They circulate the existing indoor air for cooling and filtration. Therefore, low airflow signals a blockage in your system. The most probable issue is a clogged air filter. Dust and debris can clog your air filter, limiting the amount of air in the room. Clean your air filter to restore proper airflow. Schedule monthly filter cleanings during the summer to optimise performance.

Dusty or poor quality air

As aforementioned, split air conditioners don't draw fresh air from outside, so, as long as you don't live in a dusty neighbourhood and aren't leaving your windows open, your indoor air should be clean. If the air is dusty or has allergens, something is wrong with the air conditioner's filtration system. The filter should trap all dust and particles in the air during each cooling cycle. Therefore, dusty air is a sign of a worn air filter. Replace your filter to improve indoor air quality. If possible, opt for high-quality filters that trap most contaminants, including microscopic particles such as smoke and mould.

Inadequate cooling and short cycling

Is your air conditioner taking a long time to cool your home? Or is the unit turning on and off at frequent intervals? If so, your unit is short-cycling. Inadequate cooling accompanied by short-cycling can result from the following issues:

  • Blocked air filter
  • Failing fan motor 
  • Damaged compressor
  • Low refrigerant

A simple visual check may not reveal the cause of the problem. However, your contractor can inspect and troubleshoot the system to locate the issue. If your unit is short-cycling, it's advisable to turn it off as you wait for help. Running the unit may cause further damage to critical components such as the motor and compressor.

Mysterious sounds

The only sound your AC should produce is a low hum when cooling and a click at the start and end of each cycle. If the unit is making grinding, screeching or banging noises, it needs lubrication. A lack of lubrication can cause metals to grind against each other and make a screeching or grinding sound. Over time, the system may overheat and fail entirely. Lubricate the unit's moving parts to silence the unusual noises.

Don't wait for your AC to show signs of trouble to call in help. Contact an air conditioning maintenance contractor for professional services.