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Two ideas to consider if you have a deck that you want to renovate

Ethan Burton

There are many ways to improve a deck when you renovate it. Here are two specific ideas that you may want to consider using when carrying out decking renovations.

Add a ramp

A typically designed deck is normally raised, and because of this, it will usually have a set of steps that lead down to the property's garden area. These steps allow people to get onto and off the deck easily. If your deck currently has a set of steps like this, it might be worth finding out if your contractor could add a ramp beside these steps when they begin the decking renovations.

There are many advantages to getting a ramp built beside your deck's steps. First and foremost, it will make it easier for any wheelchair-using guests that you invite onto your property to easily travel between your deck and your garden, without having to ask anyone to pick up and lift their chair onto or off the deck.

Secondly, if you keep your bicycle in a shed in the garden just beyond your deck and you normally take the bike across this deck when bringing it into or out of your property, having a ramp put in place by a contractor could spare you from having to carry this heavy object in your arms whilst you traverse the deck (a task which, in addition to being tiring, is also dangerous, as you are more likely to trip on the steps when your balance and line of sight are affected because you're carrying this hefty bicycle). Instead, you would be able to just roll it up and down the ramp.

Thirdly, if you often have parties in this outdoor area, having a gently sloping ramp attached to the deck could prove to be quite useful, as it would allow you to roll a drinks cart from the deck to the garden area and serve drinks to the individuals in this area from this cart, rather than having to carry a tray loaded with precariously balanced cocktails down the deck's steps.

Have a water feature fitted

If the contractor believes it to be a feasible idea for your particular deck, it could also be nice to get them to install a water feature on it. You could, for example, create an opening in the middle of the deck that could be used as a pond or a water fountain. This could serve as a beautiful centrepiece for the deck, and the trickling sounds produced by the water in it could help to create a soothing ambience that could make the time you and your guests spend on the deck pleasant and relaxing.

It should be noted that if your deck is wooden, then this feature should only be built on it if your property is in a place with a dry climate where rainfall rarely occurs because if the water in the water fountain on your deck were to overflow after being filled with rainwater, it could soak the deck with so much moisture that the deck's wooden components could warp when they dry out after this event.

For more information on decking renovations, contact a contractor.