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Stainless Steel Drainage Grates: Central Tips for Prolonging Service Life

Ethan Burton

If you are installing new drainage grates or replacing your old ones, you should opt for stainless steel products. In general, these grates are favourable because they are long-lasting. Their intrinsic strength and stability allow them to support the weight exerted by movement or traffic. Lighter materials might become dented due to constant or frequent high pressure. In addition, the stainless steel products will resist significant rusting in adverse conditions. Still, you should note that the service life of your drainage channels will be cut short by poor care practices, no matter which material you use for your drainage grates. Here are some simple tips on extending the lifespan of your new drainage grates.

Plan for Proper Installation

You should install your drainage grates with care to ensure the stability and durability of your structure. If the grates are not placed properly, the exertion of force by foot traffic or vehicles will cause gradual deterioration. This could result in premature failure. It is advisable to begin with ensuring that your grates are well-matched to your drain hole or channel. If these are not compatible, undue stress will cause failure. Also, check the joints and connection points, and ensure that they are secure. In addition, follow any special installation instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Prevent Steel Contamination

It is important to prevent the contamination of your stainless steel grates. Contamination leads to the compromise of structural integrity and aesthetics of the drainage component. The most common cause of contamination is iron. If you place an iron-containing item on your stainless steel drainage grates for a prolonged period of time, some of the iron compounds will be transferred to the stainless steel. This will lead to the discolouration of the grates. The discolouration will often be in the form of tea staining. The accumulation of iron residues can also accelerate the rate of wear to your stainless steel grates. Therefore, keep away damaging materials from your grates before and after installation.

Clean the Drainage Grates

The accumulation of dirt on your drainage grates will compromise the appeal and longevity of your stainless steel. Dirt often contains corrosive compounds such as salts which will accelerate corrosion of the material. Also, the dirt will promote moisture retention around the grates. In addition, you should note that unclean drains promote the build-up of dangerous microbial biofilms. Therefore, make time for regular cleaning. Use a brush to scrub off dust and debris. You can utilise a cleaning agent; however, avoid all acidic products because they escalate corrosion. If there are stubborn stains on your steel, use a scourer. 

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