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Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is Col. I live in Perth and I have a passion for construction. I am pretty useless when it comes to construction work so I tend to leave it to the experts. However, I find that there is nothing more pleasing than seeing a team of construction workers complete a job. Over the years, I have hired many different types of construction worker and they have all taken the time to chat with me. During these conversations, I have learnt so pretty interesting things which I will be exploring on this blog. Enjoy!

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5 Ways To Deter Shoplifters From Your Retail Business

Ethan Burton

As a business person, your primary goal is to make profits. This will not be possible as long as you're losing some merchandise to shoplifters. You need to use both structural and intellectual ways to deter shoplifters. Use the construction and retail fittings, accompanied by accessible technological tools to increase the security level in your retail business. Continue reading for 5 ways to deter shoplifters from your retail enterprise. 

Keep Your Store Organized

When things are disorganized and inappropriately stored, it's easy for shoplifters to get away with sneaking some things out without paying for them. However, an organized store where everything is properly stored and visible is difficult to steal from. Consult your shopfitter on the right fittings and fixtures for your shop to ensure every category of items is well displayed. If this is the case, the empty space on a shelf will be enough of a clue that something is wrong. 

Identify a Shoplifter's Profile

No one person can be described to look like a shoplifter. However, there are some telltale signs to look out for. They have a few common behaviours. For instance, shoplifters often work in groups so that some members distract the staff while others steal. The most common strategy in shoplifting is hiding merchandise from the sight of the shopkeeper. Some of the places where items are concealed fast include handbags, strollers, items of clothing, umbrellas and more. 

Optimize Store Design and Layout

Retail interior design and merchandising displays can help prevent theft. Another important consideration is store design. For instance, you should place the checkout strategically, ensuring that all customers pass it while exiting. Install mirrors and provide adequate lighting to ensure that there are no blind spots in the store in all areas. You should also keep your product displays and fixtures organized for increased visibility. You can also store the expensive and small items in a locked cabinet and limit access only to authorized personnel. 

Signage Inside the Store

Create signage all around the store and use it to ward off potential shoplifters. Signage provides a cost-effective and high-impact means of deterring potential shoplifters. Signage acts the same way a security system will keep burglars away. Place them up high where potential shoplifters will probably look out for surveillance cameras. 

Install Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are an effective way to deter shoplifters. They will most likely cause a shoplifter to fear the repercussions of getting caught and punished. If it's too late and you have already suffered losses from shoplifters, you can also use the faces, images, or names of those caught on camera to discourage others from doing the same.

Protect your business by using the tools available to you to deter potential shoplifters. Consultant with a professional who provides shopfitting services to use the right fittings to deter shoplifters.