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Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is Col. I live in Perth and I have a passion for construction. I am pretty useless when it comes to construction work so I tend to leave it to the experts. However, I find that there is nothing more pleasing than seeing a team of construction workers complete a job. Over the years, I have hired many different types of construction worker and they have all taken the time to chat with me. During these conversations, I have learnt so pretty interesting things which I will be exploring on this blog. Enjoy!

Col's Construction Blog

  • Did You Know That Water Pipes Can Burst Due to Heat, as Well?

    5 December 2018

    Adverse weather conditions can present a variety of different threats, and you should always try and be as prepared as possible to mitigate exposure. This is the case whether you seek to protect a commercial, industrial or residential property, as you'll want to avoid inconvenience and costly repairs, no matter what. You may not be too worried about the risk of a burst water pipe due to a particularly cold weather event, as you live in a subtropical area, but did you know that hot conditions can present their own problems in this regard?

  • A Guide on Customs Brokers

    13 November 2018

    Importing and exporting cargo can be quite cumbersome. There are a lot of processes and documentation needed for your products to enter or leave the country. Failing to comply with the ever-changing regulations could result in your goods overstaying at the port. As such, you could incur losses if the products were meant to be sold. To avoid all this, you should hire a customs broker to handle the import or export process.

  • Signs That You Need a New Garage Door Opener

    12 November 2018

    The garage door is one of the most crucial components of your home's security, especially for attached garages. When the garage door is operating well, you are assured of your safety inside the house and that everyone can safely handle the door. It follows then that a poorly maintained garage door is a safety and security hazard to the occupants of the home and the property. Here is what you should know about garage door openers and some signs that you need to have your opener replaced.

  • What Type of Grass Do You Need for Your New Landscaping Project?

    11 November 2018

    Nobody seems to know the true origin of the ubiquitous front lawn. Whoever first originated the concept, it has certainly taken on over the generations and is something that you fully expect to see in front of any suburban house in the developed, western world. You may have just finished work on a new home and the outside of the property is still undeveloped, and in this case, you need to decide where to put your lawn.

  • When should you move out of your home while it is being painted?

    10 November 2018

    If you are in either of the two situations described below, you should consider moving out of your home while it is being painted. Your asthma has worsened as of late Many asthmatics find that they go through phases where their asthma worsens. Things such as enduring a period of extreme stress, getting the 'flu and having to take certain medications (like ibuprofen) can all affect the severity of this health condition.