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Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is Col. I live in Perth and I have a passion for construction. I am pretty useless when it comes to construction work so I tend to leave it to the experts. However, I find that there is nothing more pleasing than seeing a team of construction workers complete a job. Over the years, I have hired many different types of construction worker and they have all taken the time to chat with me. During these conversations, I have learnt so pretty interesting things which I will be exploring on this blog. Enjoy!

Col's Construction Blog

  • Subdivision Development and How Civil Works Helps

    16 April 2019

    As you begin to develop a new subdivision, you may find the need for civil works services. The most common services help determine the building structures and what sort of adjustments need to be made depending on the lay of the land area. What you may not think of are the services that can greatly benefit your subdivision and are most important after the homes are in place. Here are a few of those services and what you need to know about each one.

  • Mistakes That HVAC Contractors Should Avoid When Repairing or Replacing Cooling Towers

    20 March 2019

    A happy client means good business and a healthy bottom line for an HVAC contractor. Therefore, offering unrivalled HVAC-related services to your customers is a vital ingredient to success in this sector. It is especially the case for industrial facilities that rely on cooling towers as a means to dissipate industrial process heat. Cooling towers are an expensive installation, and great care must be taken when handling the equipment. It is for this reason that industrial facilities hire the services of HVAC contractors to maintain and service the cooling towers.

  • Concrete Tilt-Up Panels Versus Steel: The Ultimate Debate

    25 February 2019

    Gone are the days when you had a limited choice of materials for constructing large commercial buildings. Today, you have countless options at your disposal coupled with numerous construction techniques. The pitfall of having so much to choose is the time you will spend deciding the best fit for your project's needs. Heated debates ensue over the best materials to use. Surely, concrete tilt-up panels and steel make the list of debatable items for any investor.

  • What to Consider When Choosing the Best Residential Building Designer for Your Project

    30 January 2019

    Although many people buy pre-built houses because they don't want to go through the process of constructing a new house from scratch, building a house instead of buying one can be one of the most rewarding projects you'll ever undertake. If you're contemplating building your own house, you'll need to think about the design of the building before you can break ground. In designing your residential building, it is important to seek out an architect or any other qualified building design professional.

  • A Guide on Water Bore Drilling

    9 January 2019

    If you would like to have a personal water supply system for home or agricultural use, then you should consider drilling a water bore. Water bores source their water from underground aquifers. When well drilled, they can provide a long-term supply of clean water. Below are a few considerations to make during water bore drilling.  Before drilling Conduct a survey You must ensure that the location you intend to drill the water bore is suitable.